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Easily create photo book, collage, calendar, greeting cards, wedding photos and more digital photo artworks
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20 March 2011

Editor's review

Putting in varied pictures together and assembling different variants together as one whole can be perfectly termed as a unique piece of art with diverse connotations. Such creations can easily be utilized for making up not only individual art forms to display but also can be used to piece together different events under one heading via images; or simply using it as a gift form. Children at school prepare great looking collages by paper cuttings or magazine cut outs and including color paints to give the collage a distinct look and a vibrant appeal. Computer programs are being easily developed nowadays that can work perfectly for preparing collages and any other creative art form precisely and without any mess. Vinvi Photo Collage 3.28 is a similar program that can help in making collages and scrapbooks from digital pictures.

Vinvi Photo Collage upon launch opens with a vivid and neat looking interface with the main options placed at the top which includes several controls that can help in creatively arranging images in the form of a collage. On the right and left panel, there are other varied options available which can help in simply putting together various images. This kind of arrangement can be easily used as a form of picture calendar and greeting cards or even wedding photos which can in turn be gifted to loved ones. The application also includes several templates which can help users to have an idea to create their individual collages. Moreover, it also offers a special photo editing tool to support varied image layers and also enables drag and drop positioning of the images.

To conclude, Vinvi Photo Collage 3.28 definitely works as a suitable and easy to handle application which can make it even simpler for users to create novel creations and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its suitable working.

Publisher's description

Vinci Photo Collage enables you to create photo collage, scrapbook, photo calendars, greeting cards, baby announcements, wedding photos and other artwork from your digital photos. It's almost a must-have tool if you have a photo printer. It offers 1000+ photo collage templates in different theme, such as for birthday, wedding, holiday, party, graduation, etc. You can collect all your photos for any occasion to make a special photo gifts. The program also offers a WYSIWYG photo editing interface with support for image layers and drag & drop positioning. you can also apply image adjustments, frames, drop shadows, color conversions and other effects. The result can be saved as high-resolution images for printing or exported as PowerPoint presentation or photo PDF.
Key Features
- Extremely Easy to Make a Collage
Create scrapbook, calendar, greeting cards, wedding photos and more artworks in minutes
- Built-in Free Collage Templates
A wide range of collage templates suitable for family, baby, love, wedding, holiday, Christmas and so on.
Provides other templates for making photo calendar, greeting cards and more you can imagine.
- Photo Editing Tools
Move, rotate, resize and edit all the elements in ready-to-use templates as your needs.
Various photo effects like shadow, oil painting, transparency, glitter, blur, sharpen and more.
Tools of customizable calendar, text etc.
Vinvi Photo Collage
Vinvi Photo Collage
Version 3.28
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